Olaf Wieghorst
My Favorite Olaf Wieghorst Painting of the Week

A Mountain Menace

A puma crouching in a gnarled tree, left, tenses to spring at a running horse trying to retain its footing as it senses the big cat. Four other horses in the small band scamper in other directions. A mountainous landscape fills the background. An early work by the artist, the picture's high-keyed palette uses autumn colors. This painting is paired with a similar theme painting "At Bay."

"From a 1950s painting titled: "A Mountain Menace" - Oil on canvas, 28 x 88 inches

Olaf Wieghorst painted around 1600 oil paintings, 3-5000 watercolors, and who knows how many drawing and sketches during his life time. I love them all. Each painting tells a story to me. I have hundreds of personal favorites and will be sharing a new one each week. If you have any comments on a painting or have a special favorite you would like me to post, please email me
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