Olaf Wieghorst
All Time Favorite Olaf Wieghorst Painting

His Wealth

A lone cowboy is driving his small herd of horses and all his earthly processions down a ravine into a large valley below. He is perhaps drifting to a new ranch to seek employment. The majestic landscape and clouds add a sense of tranquility to the scene. The painting leaves me with yeaning for a simpler, more basic life, where money is not the only measure of one's wealth.

I first saw this painting on the cover of the "Western Horseman Magazine" in January 1971. It instantly became my favorite painting and has remained so over the years. I was in the Army and stationed in Colorado Springs at the time, the city where the "Western Horseman" is published. I read the article about Olaf and kept the magazine. When I was released from the Army a year later, I returned to my home in Mesa, Arizona. While eating at a local western steakhouse, "Monti's La Casa Vieja," I was surprised to fine a print of "His Wealth" on the wall. At the time, I had no idea what a limited edition print was. I soon found a copy of the print in a Scottsdale art gallery and bought my first piece of Olaf Wieghorst art.
From a 1960 painting titled: “His Wealth”
Oil on canvas, 28 x 38 inches

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