Olaf Wieghorst
The Paintings from the movie El Dorado
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Olaf Wieghorst appeared in two John Wayne movies: McLintock in 1963 and El Dorado in 1967. The El Dorado movie featured Olaf's paintings as backdrops during the credits. Many people have been introduced to Olaf Wieghorst's art by these paintings. I have been asked numerous times about the paintings and if prints are available. There were fifteen painting displayed and prints were published for seven of the painting. Some of the painting were flipped left to right when the credit text interferred with the images. The images below are in the order shown in the movie. The "El Dorado" painting was also used for the end credits. Click on any pictures for a larger image and more details on the painting.

 His Wealth

 Fighting Stalions

 El Dorado

 Salt River Canyon

 Wagon And Remuda

 Moonlight and Shadows


 Changing Outfits

 Horse Ranch

 Turning the Remuda

 Bringing in the Cavvy

 Shafter Stage

 Team Roper


 Busting Out

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