4th Squadron 12th Cavalry Horse Platoon
Fort Carson Colorado 1970-1971

Back row left to right: Tom Bell, Gene Austby, Floyd H. Newcomb, John (Little John) Willis, Don Blair, Stanley W. Nolan, Murray Hagen, D. Douglas Biggs, L.M (Corky) Grayeagle, Carl Hinds, Robert G. McMillian, Robert D. Robinson, Mike Muscio, Paul Twichell, Roger Clark, Kevin Johnson. Front row, James E. Drye OIC.
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This page is dedicated to the Army Soldiers from Fort Carson Colorado who served in the 4th Squadron 12 Cavalry Horse Platoon during the early 1970's. Many of us had just returned from a tour in Vietnam, some of us would be going there soon. The Calvary Platoon was stationed at Turkey Creek Ranch, located approximately 10 miles south of Fort Carson's main gate on Highway 115. The group started as a four man color guard in the early 1960's and was expanded to a twenty man platoon in 1969-1970. The mission of the platoon was to promote relation between the public and the Army. Different towns and civic groups would request us to ride in their parades and perform our mounted drills. Our venues included parades, rodeos, centennial celebrations, and horse shows.

Most of us lived on the ranch in the bunkhouse (an old mansion that was once the Penrose estate.) In the picture below you can see the bunkhouse nestled among the trees at the top left. The Cavalry Barn is the largest one in the center of the picture. During a normal day we would take care of the horses, clean the barns, do some ranch work, and spend several hours practicing our mounted drill. To get into the Horse Platoon a soldier had to tryout by saddling and riding one of the horses, putting him through some paces, galloping and turns. If you were not a good horseman you would not make the cut. Tryouts were only available when a vacancy was created by a member of the team leaving. I was selected to be the OIC after the current OIC (Herschel Welker) left the Army. Colonel Prundy a retired Cavalry Officer made the selection. After I left the army in late December 1971, Stanley Nolen became OIC. Later Mike Musico and Donald Biggs were OICs. The main unit was disbanded in late 1972 or early 1973.

I have put as many names to the faces as I can remember. I have searched on the web to try and find contacts for some of the guys, but have not been very successful. I am hoping some of you will see this web site and email me. My email and phone number are at the bottom of the page.

Jim Drye, 2016

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Turkey Creek Ranch 1971




Back row left to right: Mike Muscio, Paul Twichell, James Miller, can't remember, Don Blair, Stanley Nolan, Murray Hagen-can't see, Doug Biggs, Robert Robinson, Roger Clark, Gene Austby, can't remember, Robert G. McMillian, Carl Hinds. Front row, James Drye OIC.
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Turkey Creek Ranch Sign (2016)

Penrose Estate (Our Bunkhouse - 2016)

Cavalry Barn South Side (2016)

Cavalry Barn North Side (2016)

Turkey Creek Ranch 2016
(Pictures from Donald Biggs)


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