4th Squadron 12th Cavalry Horse Platoon
Mounted Drill

Shown below is a mounted drill sequence. I took these pictures myself in late 1971 just before I left the Horse Platoon and the Army. Stanley Nolen was riding as OIC. We were in a park in Canon City Colorado and I was on a high vantage point (I can't remember what). We had several variations of the drill and usually had some background music playing. All variations ended with the "Charge." That was everyone's favorite part. Sure wish I could have had my iPhone and made a nice movie. - Jim Drye

Column of Twos

Present Arms


Second Figure Eight

Crossing in Opposite Directions

Crossing in Eights

Another Present Arms

Another Present Arms

Column of Fours

Column Abreast

First Figure Eight

Third Crossing

Crossing in Pairs

The Charge

Another Present Arms

Another Charge

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