4th Squadron 12th Cavalry Horse Platoon
Having Fun and Stuff

Dodge City Kansas

Dodge City (Jim Drye, Paul Twichell)

Guys (Bob Robinson, Jim Drye, Roger Clark, Paul Twichell, James Miller)

Paul Twichell at Fort Laramie

Robert Robinson at Fort Laramie

Cutting Up on the Road (Roger Clark)

Cutting Up on the Road (Corky Gray Eagle, Paul Twichell, Bob McMillan)

Getting Ready

Eating at the Bunkhouse - Our cook Richard Bird - center

Inside the Cavalry Barn

Bareback Bronc Rider

Feeding the Horses

Looking out of the Bunkhouse in Spring

Hanging Out With Cecil

Jim and Cindy

Doug Biggs, Susie Rogers (Post General's Daughter), Don Blair

Stanley Nolen and future Wife Elaine

Nancy Devane on Narod

4th Squadron 12th Cavalry Hat

McClellan Saddle

Long Branch Saloon (Jim Drye, Paul Twichell)

Dodge City Kansas

Guys (Don Blair, Paul Twichell, can't see, Stanley Nolen, Jim Drye, can't see)

Doug Biggs at Fort Laramie

Taking a Nap

Cutting Up on the Road

Stabling the Horses on the Road

Hanging Out at the Dude Barn

Stanley Nolen

Doug Biggs - Driving the Bus

Getting Ready for a Fall

Working with the Dude Barn Wranglers

Looking out of the Bunkhouse in Winter

My Cindy - in the Cavalry Barn

Jim and Cecil

Loading up (Don Blair looking out)

Jim on Cecil

Fort Carson - Getting ready to Take Narod to Arizona

4th Squadron 12th Cavalry Belt Buckle

Cavalry Bridle

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