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Custer At Crow's Nest

On the late morning of June 25, 1876 General George Armstrong Custer plotted his strategy at a place called “The Crow’s Nest”. Located in the Wolf Mountains, this is where Custer made the fateful decision to divide his forces. Two mounted Indian scouts and a cavalryman join Custer at a ridge overlooking a vast landscape. The general is at the apex of the composition as one of the scouts directs his attention toward the middle ground where a large assemblage of tepees lines the river bank. In the foreground, a bugler riding a gray horse waits instructions.

Letter by Olaf - "On the morning of June 25th 1876 General Custer was informed by Lt. Varnum that his Indian scouts headed by Bloody Knife had located the hostile Indian Village on the Little Bighorn. Custer joined the scouts on a point called Crow's Nest where Bloody Knife tried to point out the village to him - also present were another Crow scout by the name of Red Star, Lt Varnum and Trumpeter John Martin."

"From a 1967 painting titled: "Custer At Crow's Nest" - Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

Olaf Wieghorst painted around 1600 oil paintings, 3-5000 watercolors, and who knows how many drawing and sketches during his life time. I love them all. Each painting tells a story to me. I have hundreds of personal favorites and will be sharing a new one each week. If you have any comments on a painting or have a special favorite you would like me to post, please email me
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