Olaf Wieghorst
(All American)

All American

Again we proudly present a cover by Olaf Wieghorst, and as usual it is most timely and appropriate. At this time when we are all feeling intensely American, what would be more appropriate for the rodeo publication than an American cowboy carrying the colors?

The artist wrote: "I got to thinking about some subject which would symbolize real Americanism, and the result was a plain common-sense cowboy on an American bred horse, topped off with the good old Stars and Stripes."

More power to you Olaf Wieghorst! May your hand never loose it's cunning. (Ethel A. (Ma) Hopkins - Editor of Hoofs and Horns Magazine)

"All American" by Olaf Wieghorst 20" x 16", July 1941.






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