Olaf Wieghorst
A Collection of Cover Art
from Hoofs and Horns Magazine

  Hello Smoky!
October, 1944

About the Cover: by Ethel A. (Ma) Hopkins
Editor of Hoofs and Horns Magazine

Two years ago this month Will James rode to the Last Roundup. Olaf Wieghorst pays tribute to this great western artist and his famous horse "Smoky" with this cover picture and the following inscription:

'TO WILL JAMES: Never met you person to person, but after reading the first page of 'Smoky' felt I knew you pretty well. You belonged to the breed of horsemen who speak the same lingo no matter what corner of the earth they are from - a breed who would starve to feed his horse. We who are left behind miss you. Some of us, perhaps, envy you because where you are there are many old friends - men like Bill Cody, Charlie Russel, Frederick Remington, Tom Mix, and Will Rogers. As you neared the home range, knee deep in grass, his main and tail gently blowing in the breeze, a little blazed-faced, mouse-colored horse, slick and shiny, nickered as he came out to greet you. As you yourself put it, "The heart of Smoky had come to life again, and full size.'"

by Olaf Wieghorst

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