Olaf Wieghorst
A Collection of Cover Art
from Hoofs and Horns Magazine

  A Freak Ride
October, 1939

About the Cover: by Ethel A. (Ma) Hopkins
Editor of Hoofs and Horns Magazine

This is a reproduction of a pen-and-ink drawing by Olaf Wieghorst that he calls "A Freak Ride by Pete Forester on 'Blackbird' at the Madison Square Garden Rodeo, 1938."

We have had the pleasure of using some of Mr. Wieghorst's work before. You will rember that he made that wonderful drawing of a horse's head "Morgan Bred" that was on the cover for our June issue this year.

Olaf Wieghorst lives in New York City, and last fall during the Garden show he had an exhibit of some of his pictures there, and there were also several of his drawings in the Official Program.

This artist certainly knows and loves horses, and he excels in drawing and painting them.

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