Olaf Wieghorst
A Collection of Cover Art
from Hoofs and Horns Magazine

  Buy One of These Today - Back Him With Bonds
July, 1944

About the Cover: by Ethel A. (Ma) Hopkins
Editor of Hoofs and Horns Magazine

Complying with a request from the U. S. Treasury Department, we are using a reproduction of a Hundred Dollar War Bond on our cover, as are many other publications this month.

To give it the proper "punch" and tie it up with the spirit of Hoofs and Horns, Olaf Wieghorst has drawn us a picture that brings home the necessity for every one of us to support the Fifth War Loan Bond Drive.

Comming right off the heels of invasion of Europe, where many of our boys are fighting for their lives and our safety in our righteous cause, this drive should make us dig deep.

And Americans will do just that!

Olaf Wieghorst has been making the cover pictures for our July issue for several years, and he always comes forward with an idea that just fills the bill.

As an artist he's Tops, as a man he's Tops, as a friend he's Tops. If we knew any better words we'd use them.

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