Olaf Wieghorst
A Collection of Cover Art
from Hoofs and Horns Magazine

 United We Stand Yesterday and Today
July, 1943

About the Cover: by Ethel A. (Ma) Hopkins
Editor of Hoofs and Horns Magazine

In keeping with the purpose of our magazine, and with the part our cowboys are playing to keep Old Glory flying, Olaf Wieghorst has made this special cover design.

Olaf Wieghorst has the knack of fitting his pictures to the time and occasion, and we think he has never done a cover picture that so completly fits the ocasion as this one does.

All of the magazines in the United States will feature the American Flag on their covers for the issues that will be on the news stands July Fourth. Many will be in colors but none will be more outstanding nor more appropriate than "Yesterday and Today."

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