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  Taken Off

This action packed calendar art print depicts a band of rowdy trail hands on their way to town after the roundup. I purchased this calendar print title “Taken Off” and “After the Round-Up” as a matched pair. I purchase another calendar shown below of the same image that was titled “Pay Day. All the calendars were from the Thos. D. Murphy Company.

Sizes I have found:
11 1/2 x 16 inches
18 x 25 inchs

From a 1954 painting titled: “Payday”
Oil on canvas, 24 x 30 inches

From the Calendar: Pay Day - At last it’s time to ride into the nearest town for a much needed change of scenery, a hot bath, a little whiskey (more-or-less), a poker game, the sight of a woman, and maybe even a real bed. There’s no restraining force strong enough to hold back these rough cow-pokes as they come roaring in from the range on pay day. Yes it’s been blistering hot, parching dry, and a regular whirl-wind of dust for days on end. Not only are these hard riding cow-hands really ready to ‘let-loose,“ but their faithful quarter horse mounts are responding also to the pent-up enthusiasm which accumulates during the long, hard days of riding herd. There’ll be a “hot time in the old town tonight” if these paid-off ranch-hands have anything to say about it.
Artist Olaf Wieghorst came to this country in 1918 from Denmark. His constant association with life in the western United States has given him an opportunity to put realism in his action-packed paintings.

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