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  The Swing Rider

This calendar print was repoduced on a 1955 calendar published by the Thos. D. Murphy Co., Red Oak, Iowa.

Sizes I have found:
18 1/4 x 25 1/2 inches

From a 1951 painting titled: “The Swing Rider”
Oil on canvas, 28 x 38 inches

Dust clouds rise from mesquite covered plateaus toward towering, rock, flat-topped mesas. Winding its way through the valleys between these perpendicular walls of rock, a heard of cattle is driven toward better grazing land.
In their saddles two “swing riders” tend their jobs of seeing that none of the cattle stray from the herd. The swing rider rides fairly close to the herd, not too far back from the men riding point. These “point riders” ride ahead of the herd or up along side of the front cattle. The direction of the herd is controlled by the point rider. At the tail end of the herd are men who ride the drag, so-called “drag riders.”
Rope a-swinging‘ the swing rider is alert to any movement of a “contrary critter” which might break away. The day is long, dusty, and the sun unrelenting, but the chuck wagon will be waiting when the sun drops behind the rocky western horizon.
During the day when Pancho Villa was kicking up trouble along the Mexican border, artist Olaf Wieghorst was a member of the 5th United States Cavalry which was on Pancho Villa’s heels. Wieghorst came to this country in 1918 from Denmark while in his teens. His constant association with horses in western United States has given Wieghorst an opportunity to study them under all conditions. During his travels Wieghorst was constantly making sketches of horses and cowboy life on any piece of scrap paper.

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