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  Gallant Stand

This action calendar print depicts a mare protecting her foal from a pack of savage wolves. It is from a 1961 Murphy Art Calendar.

Sizes I have found:
11 x 14 inches

From a 1946 painting titled: “First Danger”
Oil on canvas, 28 x 38 inches

From the Calendar: Gallant Stand - One of the most savage, spine-tingling beasts in the wilds is the wolf. Worst yet is a pack of wolves moving in to make a kill. The thing that has made the wolf a follower of the law of survival of the fittest is the barren wasteland that is his home. The generosity of space was not repeated when it came to food. Therefore, it hunts down other animals that dare cross its path. Once a wolf finds its prey, its shrill can be heard for hundreds of yards, which brings brother to help make the kill.
This very situation finds this mother and her colt making a gallant stand against a famished, snarling wolf pack. Even though out numbered, chances are the mother and colt will win out. Nature did provide that extra something for a mother in protecting her young. When normality is restored, the colt will have its first lesson on Survival.
The artist, Olaf Wieghorst, Came to this country in 1918 from Denmark. His constant association with life in the western United States has given him an opportunity to realism in his action-packed paintings.

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